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ASC - Applied Speech Communication is a speech therapy provider for services to all ages. Our specialties are therapy for voice disorders, fluency disorders, motor speech disorders, Autism therapy, articulation therapy and childhood language disorders. The Speech Language Pathologists, Special Education Specialists, and aides at our clinic are all trained, certificated, and/or licensed professionals with a diverse history of clinical experiences.

Located at 3117 Suite B McHenry Avenue, Modesto CA Remittance Address: Applied Speech Communication 2601 Oakdale Rd H2 117 Modesto, CA 95355 Phone 209-544-1032 Fax 209-622-0940
It is our passion and commitment to affect change in the community by servicing those in need.
Sandra Gaskell CCC SLP holds her MS in Clinical Speech Pathology from Northern Arizona University. She is licensed in California and Arizona. She has worked with both pediatric and adult clients. Her specialties include mentoring in voice related therapies, fluency/stuttering mentoring, and certifications in specialty treatments. She is finalizing her SLP.D dissertation in research related to recovery and symptom reduction of patients within the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District in the care of regional Otolaryngology, Radiation-Oncology, and Head and Neck Cancer physicians.She works as an educational autism speech pathologist, and was the speech pathologist at a 2-way-immersion program.  She comes from the field of cultural anthropology into speech pathology by way of indigenous language learning. Sandra continues to work as a Registered Professional Archaeologist in the Tribal setting.
Jamie Gomes BS, CSD, MS-CCC-SLP Candidate graduated from the Master's of Science Degree program at California State University, Sacramento in Fall 2011. Jamie is pending Clinical Fellowship Year, SLPA-B certifications, and Thesis submission. She has gained experience performing therapy during her program, as well as with UC Davis Medical Center. Jamie has worked with a variety of clients from AAC Specializations, adult stroke and cognitive clients, to childhood language disorders. She performs duties of the Office Manager for ASC Clinic.

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